Dental Crowns – Vienna, VA

A Quick Way to Repair a Compromised Tooth

Are you struggling with a decayed tooth? Have you experienced a sudden impact on the face and cracked or broken one of your pearly whites? Since your teeth won’t be able to regenerate on their own, you’ll need to seek dental treatment to regain the full look and function of your smile. Fortunately, our team at Mayberry Dental can completely and quickly restore damaged teeth with dental crowns in Vienna! Not only will these restorations be durable and lifelike, but they’ll also prevent future oral health issues from happening. Since we use CEREC same-day technology, you’ll be able to receive your permanent custom-designed crown in just a single visit! Read on or give us a call to learn more today.

Why Choose Mayberry Dental for Dental Crowns?

  • Offers CEREC Crowns For Same-Day Restorations
  • Advanced & Precise Digital Impression System
  • Dental Insurance Accepted & Alternative Financing Available

What Is a Dental Crown?

example of dental crowns in Vienna

This tooth-shaped dental cap is designed to perfectly cover a tooth that’s been compromised. By fitting over the tooth, a crown can strengthen its structure, protect it from future damage, and minimize the risk of decay. These restorations can be created out of various materials, but our practice prefers crafting dental crowns out of porcelain. This will make the new tooth durable, crack-resistant, and incredibly natural-looking by reflecting light similar to your enamel. Dental crowns are typically used for teeth that:

  • Are weakened from a large filling or decayed area
  • Are cracked or broken
  • Are naturally small, short, or stubby
  • Have recently undergone root canal therapy
  • Are being replaced with a dental implant

The Process of Receiving a Same-Day Dental Crown

a dentist preparing dental crowns in Vienna

For traditional crowns, you’ll typically have to wait several weeks while your restorations are being fabricated at a local dental lab before you can enjoy the results. However, our office can provide you with same-day CEREC crowns, which you can leave with in just a single appointment. Firstly, we’ll assess your smile before cleaning out any decayed or damaged tissue. Our team will then reshape your tooth by removing a small portion of your enamel to make space for your restoration. After taking impressions of the area, we’ll have you wait in our office for about an hour as our in-house CEREC technology constructs your new tooth. Once this is done, you’ll return to the examination chair and have your permanent dental crown fitted into place.

The Benefits of Getting a Dental Crown

a patient smiling after getting dental crowns in Vienna

Dental crowns provide a versatile and reliable restoration option for renewing your smile. Here are several benefits you can expect to enjoy from them:

  • Restored capacity to chew and eat comfortably without dental pain
  • High-quality dental porcelain for a seamlessly natural-looking solution
  • Prevent future oral health issues that could require a root canal or extraction
  • Durable results that can last for 15 years or more with proper care
  • Repair your tooth and rebuild your smile in only one visit with CEREC same-day crowns!